Back when my husband decided to start having kids, I thought it was easy. I am the oldest of 5 siblings so I assumed I would get pregnant right away.

That was not the case.

After visiting with my obgyn he told me "You're young, wait a year and then we will talk about it again, you will get pregnant." 

Fast forward a year and half later and still no baby. I decided to go meet with Dr. Skorupski at the Houston Fertility Institute in 2016. 

After three rounds of IUI (insemination with medication), having to inject myself in my stomach before the insemination, I was left with bruised arms because of all the bloodwork and a broken heart. I remember telling David, "Our house is so empty and quiet, I just want to be a mom." I can't begin to describe the sadness in his face when I would cry after receiving the call that the IUIs didn't take and that I was not pregnant. 

May 2017 I decided to stop trying. We had decided that if we did not get pregnant by December of that year we would try IVF. No more medication, no more IUIs. I was done and tired of trying. Everyone told me If you stop trying it will happen. I didn't believe anyone when they told me that.

July 2017 I decided to have surgery to check my fallopian tubes to see if they were clear. Dr. Skorupski found a thin layer covering both tubes. The layer was removed and I was sent home to rest and recover.

I started going to bootcamp in September into October and I remember feeling so sick during my workouts and I didn't know why. A week and a half went by without a cycle and I decided to take a test, in my mind it was negative before I even took the test.


I screamed and cried and I couldn't believe it! 

To all the women that are struggling with infertility, know you are not alone and it shouldn't be a silent fight. 

Every day I am in awe of my little Isabelle Hope and the miracle that she is. And I am reminded to always have a little hope.




Maritza Agnello

So true! I always felt ashamed and embarrassed because it was supposed to be an easy thing that was supposed to happen to me. Glad I am not alone and so glad you are a mom as well.


Ay prima. I never knew your story. It’s crazy to think how we come from a big family and we automatically think we can become pregnant so fast. In my case I didnt have to do no treatment but the journey was horrible. I will cry at night thinking I will never experience the joy of becoming a mom to feel that little angel move inside of me. I went to my OBGYN and he said I needed to loose weigh I said that’s crazy who needs to loose weight never heard of it. So I didn’t listen and for years still had that emptiness. Years went by and I had totally given up on becoming a mother. So I wanted to loose weight to look and feel good and I dropped almost 50lbs in a little over 3 months. And got pregnant fast. I could not believe I took 3 pregnancy tests and they all were positive. I was like fo F****** way and said it over and over and over and I just cried. I finally had what I wanted more in the world. I’m glad I’m a mommy and I’m glad you are a mommy too.


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