Mommy Must Haves

If you are a mom or are currently expecting. These items are so helpful and a must for me. Even if you are not a mom these items are amazing. 


The Itzy Ritzy Diaper bag is the bag I transitioned to when my old diaper bag just wasn't cutting it. I needed more space, something sturdier, and pockets to keep everything organized. I have heard of some people using these bags as school bags or even gym bags. There is so much storage inside.

 This bag has many pockets and I can find things easily. My Chelsea boss bag has two insulated pockets to keep milk and drinks cold. The Boss bag also comes with a changing pad if you are on the go.

 When I need to make a trip to the store that doesn't require me to have my full size diaper bag, I like to take my Itzy Ritzy crossbody bag. It has a mommy side for all your essentials like your lipstick, keys, phone, and wallet. The other side is the baby side where you can keep a small bag of wipes, 3 to 4 diapers, snack pouches, and a granola bar for Isabelle. 

The Itzy Ritzy snack bags are the perfect size to keep crackers, fruit, pretzels, veggie sticks, and goldfish. Isabelle loves these bags and we always keep one in our diaper bag and we take one with us when we go for our walks at the park. These bags come in different prints and I was able to find a mermaid, leopard, and floral print at my local Target.

I also like to keep a bag of wipes in my car in case we have unexpected spills or messes in the car.

We love the use the Munchkin Diaper Dispenser bags are amazing. I keep these in Isabelle's diaper bag and sometimes in my crossbody bag to keep trash or diapers and the best part is that they hold scent in, just in case you have some dirty diapers you need to dispense later. 

 I keep this learning tablet in our car for car drives to keep Isabelle entertained. I like that it does not have a touch screen and that it is a toy that says letters, sounds, colors, and animals. 

Mommy things

I love makeup and this recent release from Colourpop has been my go to when getting ready for work. The Bare Necessities palette is amazing! This huge palette has 30 beautiful colors and it is easy to blend. Colourpop is one of my favorite brands because they are affordable and the make up is amazing! 

 This babytrend jogging stroller is perfect for our walks. I like that it has speakers where you can connect your phone, a huge compartment under the stroller to keep your things, and two cup holders. 

These leggings are perfect for working out or you can wear them under a tunic or sweater dress. They are squat proof and super soft and comfy. Plus they are affordable and come in different prints.


 I hope you enjoy these mommy must haves.



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