No Resolutions, just goals

Hello 2020!

Wow it's weird to say that. 

This year I am focusing more on goals for myself and family, rather than resolutions.

Goals are more achievable for me and they are better for my family.


Goal 1: Only eat out twice a month, more meals at home.

This goal is one I have been wanting to work on for a while. While we love eating out once a week it can be expensive in the long run. David and I agreed that eating at home will save more money and we can save eating out for just twice a month instead of four times a month. 

Goal 2: Meal Prep

I love making new meals and trying out new recipes but mom life makes it hard for me. Meal prepping on Sundays before the work week begins is easier for me. Our meals will be ready for both dinner and lunch and in return I spend more time with Isabelle instead of making dinner each night. Meal prepping also saves money in weekly grocery trips. 

Goal 3: Save more money for our future forever home

I LOVE our little home, but soon we will need a bigger home. Isabelle is getting bigger which means more toys and more room for her to play in. We also want to have another baby in the future and in our little house does not have enough space for another baby. My goal is to start putting money in our savings account weekly. It is also good to have money in our savings account in case something happens and we need it. 

Goal 4Workout

This goal is one that I plan on doing daily. I LOVE working out. It keeps me happy, healthy, and gives me some me time. Moms also give so much to their families and sometimes I just want a break and I love to do that by going to the gym. Now there are times that I can't make it to the gym so I like to do home workouts like Dance Fitness with Jessica or strength/cardio videos from Whitney Simmons from Instagram. 

Once warmer weather comes to Houston I like to take Isabelle for walks/runs at our local park. 

I hope you had a wonderful New Years and I am excited to stick to my 2020 goals. What are some of your resolutions/goals?



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