Spending time with family

As a working mom I find myself constantly out of time to do things. 

My weekends consist of having to go grocery shopping and run errands. 

I decided to grocery shop Friday instead of Saturday morning and it made a huge difference. 

Saturday is my busiest day of the week and we decided to spend time together. It was 75 degrees in Houston in December, which never happens! 

David decided to go to the gym, while I stayed home and did a home workout while playing with Isabelle. 

After our workouts, we decided to go for a walk at the Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve by our house. It is a beautiful 1.7 mile long paved trail full of scenery and even a small picnic area and a small swing set for babies and toddlers. I love that this preserve is always clean and there are many activities going on at the preserve every month. When the weather is nice again, I would like to go on a picnic there near the water. It is just breathtaking! If you live near the Vintage Park or are in the north side of Houston, take time to visit this preserve. 

We were able to take a walk together and then my husband and I took Isabelle to the swing set. 

She giggled and smiled the whole time she was on the swing and of course she didn't want to leave.

We spend the rest of our afternoon cleaning our patio and backyard. Isabelle was able to ride in her little pink car. She loves her beep beep as she likes to call it. 

It was a perfect day and a reminder to always set time aside to go outside and play. I'm usually running around during the weekend cleaning and running errands but as Isabelle gets older, I know that time together is more important than running errands and cleaning. Time is flying by and I am cherishing my moments with her and my husband more. 


We ended the day by cooking a meal for our neighbors who just welcomed a baby girl and by shopping for a new car. If you have an SUV you love please send me recommendations. We are having a hard time choosing one.

As the holidays near, my goal is to soak in all the time together with my family and put everything else aside.



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