Toddler Must Haves

These toddler items have made meal time, play time, and bath time so much easier. Isabelle is getting older and becoming a very busy toddler but these items have helped us so much.


This silicone plate stays put on the high chair even after Isabelle tries to pull it off.

Mealtime wouldn't be complete without a spill proof cup and utensils.


We started with the bumkins utensils to make holding and grasping easier for our toddler.

We then transitioned to the toddler utensils. Isabelle loves the design on the Minnie Mouse utensils and will now only eat with utensils. 

The Fisher Price high chair is compact and easy to attach to any chair. It is not bulky and easy to take with you. We recently took it to Austin with us for Thanksgiving and it was so easy to set up as well. Saves space and it grows with Isabelle.


Here are some of Isabelle's favorite toys that help with learning and role playing. The older she is getting, I buy her toys that will help her with role playing and keep her entertained and excited during play time.

The building blocks are a favorite in our house and Isabelle loves to build with them. 

Role playing with Isabelle is so fun. We love to play tea party together (even her daddy will play with her). The tea party set and the picnic set are perfect for toddlers to role play. 


Have fun, get messy, and enjoy toddlerhood! It is such a fun time full of learning for the whole family.



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